World's Most Compact, Light Weight, and Affordable Life Rafts! 

8-Man Life Raft FAA TSO C70a, Type II
Non-Transport Category, Single Tube Design

For Corporate or General Aviation
  • Single tube with internal bulkhead design creating two separate chambers.
  • Comprised of buoyancy tube, deck, life lines, CO2 inflation system, boarding handles, retaining line, hand pump, bailing bucket, sea anchor, and valise.
  • Includes a stabilizing water ballast system and a water activated locator light as required by the FAA
  • Lightest weight and most compact - easy to carry, stow away, and maneuver in any emergency situation.
  • Easily deployed by women, children, exhausted pilots or boaters.
  • Soft-pack valise made of practically indestructible nylon with secure Velcro closures.
  • Constructed of heavy-duty FAA approved neoprene coated nylon fabric.
  • Optional highly visible orange canopy to aid in search and rescue operations.
  • Contains aluminum cylinders and valves eliminating corrosion and greatly reducing the weight.
  • High-tech CO2 automatic inflation system, inflates in 10 seconds.
  • Optional survival kits are available to meet individual requirements.
  • 5-year warranty on parts and labor, built to last a lifetime with proper care.
     Part Number Description Pack Size Weight  Price       
     RAF1108-101 8-Man Basic (Non TSO) 5"x13"x16" 20 lbs. 2680.
     RAF1108-102 8-Man TSO w/Canopy Only 5"x13"x16" 22 lbs. 3050.
     RAF1108-103 8-Man TSO w/FAR 91 Kit 7"x13"x16" 31 lbs. 3430.
     RAF1108-104 8-Man TSO w/FAR 121 Kit 7"x13"x16" 32 lbs. 3590.
     RAF1108-105 8-Man TSO w/FAR 135 Kit 8"x13"x16" 38 lbs. 4400.
      Part # -108 ,-109, -110 Alternate Pack Size w/Kits 7"x14"x18"   Same Weights & Prices as  P/N's as -103, -104, 105.
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