World's Most Compact, Light Weight, and Affordable Life Rafts! 
Life Rafts
Private Aviation & Marine
Non-Approved Life Rafts
       4-Man (NON TSO)
       9-Man (NON TSO)
Commercial Aviation
FAA-TSO Approved Life Rafts
       4-Man FAA TSO C70a Type II - (Single Tube)
       8-Man FAA TSO C70a Type II - (Single Tube)
       6-Man FAA TSO C70a Type I - (Double Tube)
     10-Man FAA TSO C70a Type I - (Double Tube)
     12-Man FAA TSO C70a Type I - (Double Tube)
Each Basic Life Raft is comprised of:
  • buoyance tube
  • deck
  • life lines
  • boarding handles
  • CO2 auto-inflation system
  • retaining line
  • hand pump
  • bailing bucket
  • sea anchor
  • valise
Required Raft Compartment Size = Add 3" to Raft Pack Dimensions. 
Required Raft Weight = +/- 2.0 lbs.
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