World's Most Compact, Light Weight, and Affordable Life Rafts! 

Company Profile

Survival Products, Inc. has been in the Aviation and Marine life raft servicing business since 1970.  The company is staffed with professional personnel having many years of private/commercial/military aviation and marine experience in engineering, manufacturing, and servicing of survival emergency equipment including: life rafts, vests, slides, etc.  These vast years of experience have made it possible for Survival Products to provide a complete line of the world's most compact, light weight, and affordable life rafts for your emergency use.

Charles G. Rogers, Jr. (President), who started the business, graduated from the University of Miami in 1960 with a degree in Mechanical Engineering.  Rogers went from challenge to challenge and completed numerous projects for Chrysler, Ford Motor Co., and Heico Corp. He also worked for aircraft firms such as Riley Aeronautics, Modern Air, and Pan Am, where he spent many years involved in structures, power plants, and system projects.

In 1970, Rogers launched his own engineering consulting business out of his home.  In 1972, he bought the warehouse at 5615 S.W. 25 Street which his company still occupies.  With the help of his wife, Donna Rogers (V.P. Marketing), and a small staff, they developed and produced the world's most compact, light weight, and affordable life rafts for the private aviation and marine markets worldwide.  Since then, Survival Products, Inc. has developed FAA TSO C70a Type I and II rafts for commercial use and the MAC/ORC rafts for Offshore racing.  Survival Products is continuing to create various products to satisfy and meet all aspects of the aviation and marine markets, for commercial and private sectors.

The company's wide variety of safety products enables it to fulfill the needs of the global aviation and marine markets.  Rogers says, "Our long-term success is due to common sense, hard work, perseverance, expertise in our field, and extreme dedication to its customers and employees."
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