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Testimonial #1
(Jerry Brown's Story)

November 1993

"This letter hereby commends you on the design and quality manufacture of your 4-man raft which was successfully utilized in the ditching of my Cessna 210 about 20 miles off the coast of Fort Lauderdale, Florida.  This incident occurred on my flight from Grand Cayman to Fort Lauderdale.

The engine quit at about 3000 feet, I radioed in my position and tried to ease the plane into the water at stall speed but got down into a swell of the 6-8 foot seas and was swatted out of air by a wave crest.  I could not immediately open the door due to outside water pressure and waited until the plane interior almost filled with water.  Then I grabbed the raft which had conveniently floated to the top, opened the door, held my breath and swam out as the plane sank.  I pulled the raft inflation cord and it was ready for boarding in seconds.  I climbed in and fended the 8-foot seas for about 1 hour until the Coast Guard helicopter arrived.

The life raft floatability enabled me to easily locate it as the plane interior filled with water.  The raft's compact pack, size, and light weight allowed me to easily swim underwater with it out of the plane to the surface where it was inflated while treading water.  It inflated in a matter of seconds and withstood the 8-foot seas with a high degree of stability while the sea/anchor minimized drift allowing the Coast Guard to readily locate me from my radioed position.

Thank you for producing this high quality, lightweight, compact life raft which is easy to take on flights and provides the important flotation in time of emergency.  I will always make sure I have your raft with me on overwater flights."

Jerry Brown
Private Pilot
Coral Springs, FL

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