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Testimonial #14
(Jeff McKee's Story)

June 2014

"I took my raft (Part No. 1900-1/2000-1, 9-Man Raft/Standard Kit, SN 1056CD/1030BD, manufactured in 1989) for service to Survival Products, Inc. on June 23, 2014.  It had not been serviced since 2000.

SPI recommends service once a year for private pilots and boaters since any inflatable over time may not inflate due to temperature changes, vibrations from the boat or plane, etc.

It was impressive to see that when the inflation cord was pulled, the raft inflated perfectly!

From a satisfied customer:"

Jeff McKee
Steam & Sauna Connection
1500 S.W. 2 Place
Pompano, FL  33069

Ph.: 561-573-0400

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