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Testimonial #5
(John Haslett's Story)

February 1998

"I am writing to you to express my entire satisfaction with the life raft that the Illa Tiki Expedition purchased from Survival Products.  In 1995, the Illa Tike Expedition built a 20 ton balsa raft and sailed it approximately 900 nautical miles in an effort to experiment with primitive technology used by ancient South American cultures.  Aboard that raft was your 9-Man survival pod.  Due to its compact size extreme light weight, it was my impression throughout the entire project that the Survival Products raft was probably the most ideal life raft for expeditions.  Its size and weight make it much easier to get through customs than the other, more cumbersome rafts.

Your raft will be aboard the second vessel, the Manteno, as it makes this historic voyage.  Thank you, always, for your prompt customer service, and keep up the good work."

John Haslett
Leader of the Illa Tiki Expedition
Dallas, TX

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