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Testimonial #8
(Gilbert Thomas' Story)

May 2001

"My wife and I have carried one of your life rafts, model No. 1400-1, serial  No. 1933HE, for about 11 years.  First, in a sailboat that we sailed to Mexico from San Francisco twice and then transferred the raft inspected.  Not being able to rely on the raft, we decided to get rid of it.  We did not want someone to pick the raft out of the trash and believing that they had a reliable raft, so we decided to inflate the raft.

To our surprise, the raft was in perfect shape.  There were no signs of wear or chafe.  After this demonstration, we are thinking of purchasing another raft.  We are still in Mexico, but will be in Campbell, California in about 2 months for a visit.  Please send us more literature on your life rafts.  Thank you."

Gilbert Thomas
Campbell, California

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